Electric V Face Lifting Instrument Chin Removal Face Slimming Vibration Massager

Strong V-Face Shaping Result: Can effectively fix the face contours, make the face smaller and smoother. V-shaped face creator for every beautiful you.

Strong Functions: Reduces the effect of fat-tight V-face, Preventing the aging, skin tightening, massager for body, face, arms, legs, buttocks and back it can achieve effect of face slimming.

Photon Technology: 48 LED lights ensure efficient photon therapy. 3 different working modes of blue and red light enable different skin care functions for more personal enjoyment.

Ergonomic Design: This face massager fits facial profile perfectly, tighten your sagging skin and present compact and bright skin condition.
Smartly and Widely Applicable: Ergonomic design perfectly fits for human face contour, foldable ring shape with adjustable belt meets various face shapes and sizes.

Product description
10 minutes a day to create a small V face, using the four weeks to reshape a new look!

Product Name: V face beauty instrument
Face-lift machine style: vibratory
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Charging mode: USB charging
Control mode: remote control
Product size: 24.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 7.0 cm
Massage time: 10 minutes
Suitable occasions: beauty salons, skin care home
The crowd: Adult
Qty: One piece

Blue and red light functions:
1)Red Light (625nm): Skin care, keep and regain skin elasticity, promote blood circulation
2)Blue Light (470nm): Whiten skin, reduce spots, skin rejuvenation, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores
3 Modes:
1)Red & blue light continuous alternate and vibrate
2)Red & blue light intermittently alternate and vibrate
3)Blue light flicker and shine

Package Content:
1 x main body
1 x USB charging cable
1 x controller
1 x lifting belt
1 x English manual