Finger Chess Board Educational Toy

Multiplayer interactive play 

Exercise observation ability/reaction ability/judgment ability and thinking skills. 

Make an appointment with your friends for a game.

Objective: Be the first player to copy the pattern card on the bead box. On the bead box The blank is indicated by the white circle on the pattern card.

Catalog: 3 bead boxes and 36 cards


    1. Each player shakes the bead box to disperse the beads. The pattern cards are stacked face down.

    2. Turn over the first card, then players move the beads to copy the pattern on the card. The first player who completes the pattern will keep the card.

    3. Repeat the second step until all the cards are flipped. The winner is the one who keeps the most cards.


  • Player number: 1-3

  • Age: over 6 years old

  • Package size: 27*25.5 cm