Smart Nail Polish Remover

Do you want the fastest and easiest way to remove your nail polish with less effort?

If you've ever gotten frustrated trying to remove gel polish with the foil and acetone-soaked cotton ball technique, our Smart Nail Polish Remover is the machine for you. This is the only at-home method designed to remove all traces of nail polish in a fraction of the time (10 minutes or less), saving you lots of time and energy.

The Smart Nail Polish Remover is a definite must-have for everyone who loves to change their nail polish often and keep up with the newest trends of fashionable nails! 

Easily remove LED gel in 5 minutes and UV gel in less than 10 minutes! It's also great for removing different kinds of nail gels including nail polish, acrylic nails, shellac and more! Safe and hassle-free! 

The Smart Nail Polish Remover is safe and will not harm your skin. The combination of heat and steam helps soften the gel nail polish and will not damage or thin your nails, protects the nail bed better than any other nail polish remover out there. Perfect for home and salon use! 


Features And Benefits:

  • Safe and Harmless: For thin nails, soaking with foil and scraping tears up the nails horribly. With our Nail Polish Remover, the fingers do not need to touch the gel remover, the steam will soften the gel gently and keep your nails healthy.
  • No Irritating Smell: Has no Irritating smell when using, don't have to endure the terrible smell compared to soaking.
  • Save Precious Time: Compared to the 30-40 minutes you spend soaking, the steam easily and quickly removes any nail polish in 5- 10 minutes. 
  • Easy Setup and Portable: So easy to use and portable. You can use it in salons or in your home while watching tv.


Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Nail Steamer
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 2 x Water Bowl
  • 5 x Finger Isolated Leather
  • 1 x User Manual

Effortlessly Remove Hard To Remove Nail Polish In 10 minutes or less!